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Every Tree has a Life: The Web Deserves to Know

Evergreen trees stand all around us Credit: Santoshi Pisupati

Trees are dead, and I’m killing them. Branch by branch, leaf by leaf. I’m snapping their twigs of life, burning the emerald green leaves to ash.

I am killing our trees, and by killing trees, I am poisoning our atmosphere, firing up the Earth.

Trees give us oxygen. Trees keep us cool. Trees need us and we need them. I need to stop killing trees.

How do I stop? By changing one letter in one word.

Leaves and trees can burn at a single touch. Credit: Santoshi Pisupati

Going from deforestation to reforestation, just moving that first letter 13 down the alphabet, changes the planet, web and you, too. Our lives are dictated by the Internet, and Ecosia guides you to greener search results so you can make sustainable life choices.

This search engine plants trees with profits and empowers me to join their cause by doing what I always do: living on the Internet.

Ecosia: The search engine that plants trees. Credit: Ecosia

If I search with Ecosia, revenue from my searches will go towards Ecosia’s reforestation projects. If everyone in my neighborhood searches with Ecosia, we would plant 56,00 trees. If all the students in my school district search on Ecosia, we would restore 1.3 million trees, for the present and future generations. we will restore millions of deforested trees. If we impact the life of future generations by doing so, we rapidly advance a sustainable future.

Search with Ecosia for an entire month. Get 1,000 trees on my tree counter. The need and the plan are clear now more than ever. I can stop killing trees. It’s an issue I care about.

But should you care? Of course!


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