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Color for Climate Action

Great Art
Submit Your Art
Great Art

Submit your climate art for an opportunity to have it featured on the Sustainability Ambassador website!



We accept several types of artwork such as sketches, drawings, paintings, photography, and 3D art

Your artwork will be approved for submission using the following criteria:

  • Type of visual art

  • Addresses a Sustainable Systems theme or topic

  • Interpretation of theme or topic

  • Artist's statement

  • Artwork title

Check out the Gallery Acceptance Rubric to learn more about submission requirements

Your submission will be reviewed by SA's Color for Climate Action team. 

ib Bio photo.JPG
Biology Research Paper

Carbon Emissions and Life Expectancy

Heera Rajavel

Class of 2020

Skyline High School,

Issaquah School District


United for
Climate Action

Mahathi Mangipudi

Class of 2021

Interlake High School,

Bellevue School District

IMG_0713 (3) (1).jpg
Letter to the Editor

Letter to the City of Kirkland

Nicholas Wegener

Class of 2024

Northstar Middle School,

Lake WA School District

More about Color for Climate Action

Color for Climate Action is a visual art gallery where anyone interested can express their creativity in the context of climate action and sustainability. It's a great opportunity to raise awareness about the environment in a way that is fun and engaging for viewers. Participating artists get the chance to have their artwork featured on the SA website!

Submit Your Art
the tree of life.PNG
Sample Artwork #1

Tree of Life


Budding Blue

Sample Artwork #3


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