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Sustainability Ambassadors is built on the principles of an evolutionary organization. We design systems that decentralize decision making, adapt programs and actions to support localized needs, learn rapidly as a broad coalition of empowered change makers, and practice collective impact by measuring program efficacy in context of improved community conditions. 

Our primary work is to learn, to organize in such a way as to cultivate, nurture and celebrate the unique contributions of all participants and partners towards rapidly advancing a sustainable future


We build nested networks of well-networked champions, partners, advocates, & amplifiers.


We invite you to join our community of learning.

“It’s a daunting task to create change in your community given the amount of effort, work, and preparation required, so it doesn’t always feel possible, but, with Sustainability Ambassadors, I am consistently met with counterexamples to that belief.”


- Anjana Punniamoorthy

   Class of 2024

Community Impact Mapping


In partnership with Mapseed, a community cartography company, we are developing a beautiful new tool to support geographic literacy in the classroom and stewardship actions in the community.  Go to Map:

The Community Impact Mapping Project empowers student leaders, teacher leaders & community leaders to visualize, track & report improvements through a range of sustainable systems entry points. Here’s a few...: 

climate solutions, green building, transportation choices, water conservation, energy conservation, solar production, zero waste consumption patterns, food access, food waste reduction, & more... 


Digital map layers will be watershed-based to emphasize our indigenous relationship to local land and water resources. Students can build up community map stories using contour lines, hillshade, impervious surface area, streams and rivers, and even overlay aerial images from 1936 to study the impacts of urban growth. 


Stewardship reporting tools, featuring hundreds of impact project ideas, can be pinned to the map in the neighborhoods where students live & integrated into problem-based learning in science & social studies classrooms.  


Featured student impact projects and data-driven reports will be presented to community stakeholders on an annual basis by well-informed student Sustainability Ambassadors.

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