We nurture the following personal and professional attributes in all participants in our learning community, including students, teachers, parents, coaches, staff, and community partners.

  1. Catalyst for Change: Passionate about rapidly advancing a sustainable future.​

  2. Ownership: Promote the core stories of Sustainability Ambassadors. 

  3. Collaborator: Skilled in team learning, partnership development, an advocate for collective impact.  

  4. Systems Thinker: Continuously seek improvement in systems that enhance organizational learning

  5. Consummate Project Manager: On time, on track, meets or exceeds deliverables. 

  6. Role Model for Youth: Positive, professional role model and mentor for youth through Sustainable Systems College.


Leadership Team - in alphabetical order

Elisha Gill

EDI Internship Development

Heera Rajavel

Web Design

Risa Suho

EDI Internship Development

Greg Gunther

Partnerships & Special Projects

Jeff Burgard

Science Curriculum Design Consultant

Haazel Elledge

Strategic Communications

Peter Donaldson

Director of Learning

Questions?  Email us at info@sustainabilityambassadors.org

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