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Are you passionate about leading by example? Are you serious about taking personal actions to solve the climate crisis? Are you inspired when teamed up with other like-minded young leaders?

We want to hear from you! Applications are open year-round. Jump on it.

Ambassador Attribues


Sustainability Ambassadors share these attributes and skills... 


Do your part to drive our mission: “rapidly advance a sustainable future.  Understand what we do and how we function as an organization so you can serve as an “Ambassador” whenever possible with these groups: Green Team, ASB, National Honor Society, Key Club, (other clubs), PTSA, City Youth Council or Advisory Board, School Board and City Council, plus selected non-profits, local businesses, and civic organizations (Rotary, Kiwanis, Chamber of Commerce.

Lead by  Example: Design and Manage Impact Projects using the IP3 Strategy.

         1. Complete at least 5 individual or family Impact Projects.

         2. Add your impact data to the SA Impact Tracker

         3. Lead or join at least 1 School Impact Campaign. Scroll down to see                            Campaigns here: Impact Projects.

         4. Join the SA Community Group associated with the Bright Action                                Climate Challenge and align all of your projects. 

         5. Align all your projects with specific actions on your city’s Climate                                Action Plan or related Environmental Plan. See list of Cities  

         6. Align all your projects with specific actions on your District                                             Sustainability Policy. See Bellevue Sustainability Policy 6811  |                                         Read the Story

Update stakeholders with Impact Storytelling:  Serve as a content creator including graphics, blogs, and video for shouting out the ongoing story of what you are learning, the impact you are generating, and how you feel about it, feeding our 12-month Content Marketing Strategy. Build our School District Contact Database. 

Attend at least 80% of “ALL HANDS” Team Meetings and Trainings: The more you engage, the more you learn, the more you are empowered to catalyze community sustainability. During the school year we meet every Monday night from 7:00-8:30 via Zoom, with alternate coaching times every other Sunday from 4:00-5:30. The Summer schedule allows for more in depth training. Students meet independently as needed with their city Teams.

Required participation at selected events. (Stay current on our EVENTS PAGE)

          1. Attend Fall and Spring Impact Project Trainings and bring your peers 

          2. Attend quarterly Climate Action Plan PBL Curriculum Design Labs

          3. Attend Green Jobs Youth Pathways Career Exploration Panels 

          4. Attend August 2050 UPDATE 

          5. Other events as appropriate to your team role

Update your bio quarterly with new actions and links to impact stories.

Recruit younger peers to continue your legacy. Invite strong candidates to visit our website.

"The role of an Ambassador is to support diplomatic channels for solving complex human problems.
This is true at many levels of human organization, from nation states to school districts, from corporations to clubs, from family circles to best friends. 

There is always someone who steps forward to help facilitate the common agenda."   
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Sustainability Ambassadors are recruited from every school district in King County.


Students often join in middle school and continue building their skills and serving their community through high school and beyond. School district teams consist of 2-20 representatives.


We are currently supporting  50 Ambassadors.

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The time commitment is intentionally flexible. We use the following Annual Rhythm:



All Ambassadors every Monday during the school

year from 7:00-8:00 PM via Zoom 


Youth-led Impact Project Training to engage peers 

Curriculum Design Labs with Teachers

Green Jobs Career Panels with Experts


1-Day “Sprint” on Impact Storytelling

Curriculum Design Labs with Teachers

Green Jobs Career Panels with Experts



1-Day “Sprint” on Impact Storytelling   

Spring Town Hall @ School

Earth Month Actions

Youth-led Impact Project Training to engage peers

Curriculum Design Labs with Teachers

Green Jobs Career Panels with Experts


Internships, Impact Project Training, and

Curriculum Design Labs 


2050 Update Live Stream Event 

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Ready to Apply?

STEP 1:  Take some serious time to explore our website. See what you think about the structure and goals of the program. If it looks like a good fit for how you see yourself contributing as a learner and leader, then we want to hear from you. 

STEP 2: Email a REALLY well-crafted letter of interest to Peter Donaldson. At the top be sure to include your name, grade level, school and school district as well as your email and phone number. Then… describe your skills, your experience and your sense of purpose in life. Address how you see yourself aligning with the roles and responsibilities outlined here, your interest in developing as a leader, and your commitment to creating a sustainable future. Tell us who you are, how you think and what you care about. Make it professional and personal… but concise.

STEP 3:  Collect at least two recommendations (one paragraph long emails are fine) from people who know your character, your work ethic, follow through, and ability to collaborate on a team. These recommendations can be emailed to Peter Donaldson.

Contact: Email Peter Donaldson if you or your parents have questions or want to talk more about this leadership experience.

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