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We are here to 



YOUTH to catalyze community sustainability 

TEACHERS to integrate rigor with relevance for real-world impact 

COMMUNITY to drive collective impact 

Mission and Vision

Soon textbooks will become obsolete. Grades will be silly. Students will design and manage real-world projects as the community becomes the classroom, as teachers become expert coaches in problem-based learning, as the tired old industrial factory called school rusts away. 


Meanwhile, the world spins.



We must rapidly advance the innovations needed for a much more sustainable future as fast we can. 


Many of the technical, financial, and policy solutions already exist. We know what to do. It’s going to be a generational effort. Starting with these students, these teachers, this school district, this city, this county, this bioregion. 


All students will graduate educated for a sustainable future able to solve problems and make decisions based on the nested relationships among ecological, economic, and equitable systems. The term “Educating for Sustainability” has become synonymous with excellent education for all.

Sustainability Defined



“Meeting the needs of the current generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

Of course, you might enjoy these other definitions

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Sustainable Systems Sandwich




When we use the word “sustainability” we are talking about the intersectionality of ecological, economic and social systems. There is no human activity outside this fundamental construct.


All our programs, projects and collective impact reporting protocols are based on what we call the sustainable systems sandwich.


The bread on top of the sandwich is the specter of climate change informing needed actions and innovative design in multiple subsystems within the contents of the sandwich.


Innovations in energy, water, and food systems, and in green building, transportation systems, & materials management for the circular economy, must be grounded in a deep understanding of the intersectionality of the environment, economy, and equity.


The bottom slice of bread keeps the systemic ingredients from falling apart in our hands as we bite into this work, chew, digest, metabolize and move.

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