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Climate Action Plan





Rapidly advance climate actions in our homes, schools, and cities. Measure it. Lead by personal example, organize everybody, shout it out.




Exceed the carbon reduction goals of the King County-Cities Climate Collaboration.

Project Summary and Intended Impact


Ambassadors lead by example starting with our own carbon and water footprint analysis and family Impact Projects. From this foundation, we are developing and leading campaigns for educating and empowering King County middle and high school students and teachers to rapidly advance climate actions in our homes, schools, and cities. We are developing a powerful suite of Signature Projects as well as resources for Student Impact Project Development. These plans and resources align with and advocate for much stronger city climate action plans to meet and exceed commitments made in the King County-Cities Climate Collaboration, advance the King County Strategic Climate Action Plan, engage and support frontline communities of color and related climate justice nonprofits, follow Seattle’s Resilience Roadmap, and amplify the moral call for a Green New Deal. We will utilize Project Drawdown Solutions scaled to personal actions to demonstrate measurable impact. All of these actions are in response to the critical, science-based projections outlined in the most recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the Northwest Chapter of the Fourth National Climate Assessment.

This is the problem we need to solve…


Since 2014, King County and 16 cities, plus the Port of Seattle, have come together to create the King County-Cities Climate Collaboration (K4C) - pledging to work together to achieve specific Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reductions through shared outreach, coordination, solutions, funding, and resources.


As it became ever apparent that more rapid progress was needed in achieving the K4C goals, in May of 2018, People for Climate Action was founded as a coalition of local concerned residents and organizations. Sustainability Ambassadors is adding a youth and education component to this coalition effort.  


  • Currently, no K4C city is on track to meet their GHG reduction commitments by 2050


  • Some cities in King County have achieved small reductions since 2007, but overall, emissions across the County have basically remained flat.

Current Status: NOT ON TRACK FOR 2050

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