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Ponder your Printing - Simple Steps to Cut Down on Printing

To print or not to print? This is a question that everyone should ask because we all know that printing wastes paper and ink. I know I have to cut down on printing, plain and simple. I know that my family, my friends, my city, my state, all need to cut down on printing. But how?

"My Printer" Credit: Prachi Chetlur

Asking questions is the first step. I walk down the stairs to my printer, laptop in hand. Do I need to print this? How will I affect the environment if I do? What other things do I print that I don’t have to? Once I have answers to these questions, I can take action to reduce my printing.

I can follow King County’s Sustainable Purchasing Guide, and the suggestions it offers. I can send things electronically. I can print double-sided. I can avoid printing extra copies. Little by little, I will cut down on my printing, saving trees, paper, ink, and energy. I will cut down on my carbon and water footprint. By doing all this, I will be slowing the advance of climate change. It’s that simple. But this project is bigger than just me.


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