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The purpose of the Community Sustainability Summit is to measurably improve sustainable community conditions while strengthening local connections for collective impact across generations, jurisdictions, & community sectors.


This coalition includes student leaders, teacher leaders, parent leaders, school administrators, sustainability professionals, resource conservation managers, city & county government, local agencies, utilities, businesses, nonprofits, & other community-based organizations.


The Community Sustainability Summit is facilitated by students from Sustainability Ambassadors, along with a growing coalition of community partners as an annual tradition based on the following four principles.

Summit Principles
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PRINCIPLE 1: Intergenerational dialogue inspires hope for a more sustainable future.


PRINCIPLE 2: Inter-jurisdictional, cross-sector learning builds collective impact 


PRINCIPLE 3: Data-driven reporting measures progress over the last 12 months & points to collective action for the next 12 months. 


PRINCIPLE 4: Shared performance management tools build collective capacity and facilitate communication.


The Summit flows from short reports delivered by each sector, followed by breakout groups around self-organizing themes, projects, or inquiries, & a final, student-led fish bowl to prioritize a set of Collective Impact Projects based on meeting 3 criteria:

  • easiest action to accomplish in 12 months

  • engages the greatest number and diversity of people

  • generates the greatest measurable impact

How we measure progress



Progress reports from each community sector are benchmarked against trends from previous Community Sustainability Summit Sector Reports as well appropriate sustainability performance measures such as...


King County Green School actions

City Sustainability Indicators 

City Climate Action Plans

King County Climate Action Plan

Corporate Sustainability Plans

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