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Matthew Chu

Student Webmaster


My name is Matthew Chu, a graduate of Bellevue High School and currently a Freshman studying Informatics: Data Science at the University of Washington. Alongside my academic pursuits, I am deeply committed to fostering positive change and sustainability. I’m currently serving as a Student Webmaster at Sustainability Ambassadors, where I am responsible for managing the organization website, publishing peer educator resource events, tracking web traffic, and optimizing user experience in our digital resources. I also manage our CRM system, and use our student impact data to inform outreach efforts. I am dedicated to learning how data visualization tools and techniques can be applied to empower social change, which I share with educators and fellow ambassadors through facilitation and collaboration.

In my spare time, I channel my love for sustainability into creating beautiful ‘Walstad’ fish tanks, which serve as microcosms of sustainable ecosystems. These tanks not only bring me joy but also reflect my dedication to environmental harmony and conservation!

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