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Environmental Organization Consultant

Ashley Hill

Environmental Organization Consultant

Passion, Expertise and Contribution

  • Educated and trained in environmental science and marine science field science techniques with experience in field research for freshwater and marine envrionments.

  • Time spent engaging with students from kindergarten to college-age in educational and field science environments. Engagement and educational strategies shaped by Masters in Environmental Education.

  • Conducted environmental education consulting which included designing and delivering curriculum on a variety of topics like water and energy conservation, climate change and climate action, environmental justice, and renewable energy.

  • Experience in education and employment around seeing environmental work through a prism of equity and justice.

  • Currently employed as a diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice consultant in a higher education institution in Colorado. Bringing DEIJ to local government and schools, higher education, nonprofits, and for-profits.

  • Progressive approaches around social responsibility to be aware of positionality and power in every situation and understand how to bring a strong justice focus to all work.

About Ashley

Ashley spent the last 10 years SCUBA diving to restore coral reefs in Florida, leading environmental education programs in the North Cascades National Park, and teaching conservation-focused workshops to students throughout Puget Sound. She received her BS in Environmental Science and Masters of Education in Environmental Education from Western Washington University and moved back to Colorado to do diversity, equity, inclusion and justice consulting at the University of Denver in 2022. Her investment in equity and justice work stems from her environmental educational background – she truly loves asking questions, thinking critically, and inviting others to do the same with the goal of a more equitable and just world. Her approach centers on understanding the historical, social, and political frameworks that inform what, how, and why we show up the way we do. Grounded in the reality of a changing climate, Ashley encourages communities to consider the possibilities of building equitable futures with environmental justice at the center.

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