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Energy Efficiency Analyst, SBW Consulting, Inc.

Santiago Rodríguez-Anderson

Energy Efficiency Analyst, SBW Consulting, Inc.

Passion, Expertise and Contribution

Participate in the Clean Energy Future Curriculum Design Lab to support both teachers and students in applied problem solving.

Climate science – modeling urban microclimates and equity impacts (tree cover, green roofs, cool roofs, solar arrays, etc)

Green Building Standards and Energy Codes: Living Building Challenge, Net Zero Buildings, Passive Haus, Washington State Energy Code, and International Energy Conservation Code.

Energy Conservation – SBW evaluates energy conservation portfolios for public and private utilities.

Develop a year-round mentoring circle with young Latine/Latino/Latinx (Ambassadors) interested in learning about communicating sustainability across cultures. 

Encourage students of Spanish speaking backgrounds to get involved and reach out to BIPOC planning professionals to serve as additional role models.

Support Green Job profiles and diversity workforce development strategies.

Design ways to integrate SA Impact Storytelling into personal and professional communications channels and platforms.

Support Ambassadors in building positive scenarios for the year 2050 through the Summer Series of 2050 WORKOUTS.

Attend the annual 2050 Update (August) and help promote it as widely as possible.

About Santiago

Santiago grew up traveling the world with his parents, a language teacher and an economic development expert. They taught Santiago and his younger brother about the value of a diverse world, and planning for a better future for those who come later. For fun, Santiago loved taking things apart and seeing how they worked. Sometimes they kept working after he put them back together. Building the fair and better world his parents wanted seemed like a good idea, but the path to making it happen while following his interests remained a mystery. His work, hobbies and studies took a series of unexpected twists and turns before he found a way to make it happen. Along the way, Santiago took up Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and bike riding. These hobbies had no impact on his professional career, but were still lots of fun. He still loves to spar with his training partners and take his bike on errands about town.

Now, Santiago is an energy efficiency analyst at SBW Consulting Inc. He has a BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering from Portland State with a focus on building science research. In his university graduate program, Santiago deployed numerous weather stations and measurement systems for urban micro-climate and building performance studies. Now he applies his skills to evaluating energy saving technologies and creating energy efficiency policy. Some of Santiago’s recent work includes energy efficiency impact evaluations for electric utilities in the Pacific Northwest, developing Washington State building energy use benchmarks, and field testing residential energy saving standards.

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