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CTE Culinary Arts Instructor and Food Systems Coach

Alexandra Yost

CTE Culinary Arts Instructor and Food Systems Coach

Passion, Expertise and Contribution

Alexandra is a seasoned hospitality veteran who has filled many bellies along her journey as a chef, restauranter, community organizer, city councilwoman, project manager, and educator. She currently teaches culinary arts in the CTE Department at Washougal High School where she harnesses her passion for food using hands-on, project-based learning.

Alexandra has been a champion of the Sustainability Ambassadors for years and is delighted to be joining as a Food Systems Coach. She believes that food is more than a necessity, it is an opportunity. She looks forward to working with Ambassadors to build a robust portfolio of Impact Projects and resources centered around accessibility and food justice. She believes in using these projects to foster a more balanced relationship between our need for nourishment, use of natural resources, and equitable labor practices.

Alexandra lives in Portland, OR where she enjoys hosting dinner parties in her backyard, practicing Spanish while ordering donuts, exploring new neighborhoods with her dog, writing poetry, drinking coffee, building forts and making potions with her daughter, and making genuine connections wherever she goes.

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