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Communications Program Manager, City of Kirkland

David Wolbrecht

Communications Program Manager, City of Kirkland

Passion, Expertise and Contribution

Advising on a 12-month communications strategy.

Supporting web design for maximum user experience that drives our mission.

About David

A lifelong local of the Puget Sound region, David works for the City of Kirkland primarily focused on telling the story of the City’s work and encouraging community members to creatively and meaningfully find themselves within that story.  He believes that, like a good garden, democracy needs thoughtful care and tending, and that a thriving, sustainable future will only be possible with an engaged, vibrant, and informed community active in its governance.

When not serving the Kirkland community, David enjoys collaborative story-telling with his wife and friends by way of Dungeons & Dragons, connecting with the variety of more-than-human beings of the natural world through hiking and tracking, and walking their dog, Haku.

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