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Zoe Dearing


Class of


Representing the City of


Sustainability Ambassador since

Spring 2023

Zoe (she/her) is a junior at Gibson Ek High School within the Issaquah School District, a project and internship-based school focused on allowing students to take control of their own learning. She joined SA as a sophomore through Gibson Ek's internship program and helped support the initial connection between the school and SA through a 6-week lab created to promote interest within sustainable topics using SA's "Shorter Showers" campaign. As she finishes high school over the next two years, Zoe wants to create and facilitate a Sustainability Club for Gibson Ek, allowing more students to explore all the possibilities in the field while also creating a better future for all. Inspired by the ocean and fueled by the nearby salmon hatchery, Zoe wants to graduate from a competitive college with experience in marine biology and ichthyology while also supporting whatever community surrounds her.

Zoe's helped out the Communications Team with a few campaigns, including "Shrink Your Lawn" and "Shorter Showers" with the help of her school's design lab data. She is currently working with SA and the City of Issaquah's SNAP! program, a two-year internship as Issaquah's SA Project Manager, focused on helping Issaquah reach their Climate Action Plan goals.

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