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Siena Gould


Class of


Representing the City of


Sustainability Ambassador since

Fall 2023

Siena Gould is a current Junior at Gibson Ek High School where she is exploring her passions in sustainability, photography, leadership, and graphic design. Her fondness for nature has deep roots, beginning with going on "bug hunts" while camping as a kid, to now, finding a love for scuba diving and the little creatures that come along with it! She believes that the way to make change is by inspiring others through personal actions, and using your voice to communicate what you stand for. She is currently Interning with the City of Issaquah's department of sustainability, and is working on getting the Eastside Climate Challenge implemented in schools, as well as helping to plan Issaquah's 2024 Sustainability Fair. Siena enjoys bringing her love for art into her work with sustainability and hopes to inspire others through her photography and video production. Siena is also an advocate for mindful clothing consumption, and is working on a project to educate others about the harms of fast fashion, and promoting clothing swaps as a way to bond with your community while also saving our environment. Overall Siena hopes to act as an intersection between art, environmentalism, and community leadership with an overarching goal to positively impact our planet!

Siena's time at Sustainability Ambassadors so far has consisted of working with the Issaquah team to develop a year long bike campaign plan, including video promotion, event planning, and public presentations. She has also worked to promote the City of Issaquah's heat pump incentives.

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