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Matthew Fischer


Class of


Representing the City of


Sustainability Ambassador since

Fall 2023

Matthew Fischer is a student at Issaquah High School. He is passionate about impacting his community through sustainability actions. Matthew joined Sustainability Ambassadors to learn more about King County's and his school's sustainability initiatives. Matthew has been a part of Sustainability Ambassadors since fall 2023 and has been involved with several projects and campaigns at his high school. He has led a project to install an additional bottle filler at his high school and raised $3,000 to fund this installation.  Matthew is also currently a team leader for Issaquah High’s Eastside Climate Challenge team which has reduced its Carbon footprint by over 4 metric tons. Matthew is currently leading a campaign to implement a comprehensive sustainable policy in the Issaquah School District, and has been networking with students at schools across the district to gain support for this policy.  Outside of Sustainability Ambassadors, Matthew is an avid biker and enjoys biking to school most days of the week. Matthew is also the club founder and President of the YL club at his high school, which is a club that regularly engages in service projects and provides an inclusive environment for students in the LRC program at IHS. Matthew is an Eagle Scout in troop 571 that meets in Sammamish, Washington.

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