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Dila Ertem


Class of


Representing the City of


Sustainability Ambassador since

Fall 2023

Dila Ertem (She/Her), an 11th-grade student at Lake Washington High School, is a passionate advocate for environmental conservation. Originally from Istanbul, Turkey, where she lived and studied for five years, Dila brings a unique cultural perspective to her endeavors. Her commitment to sustainability extends to her future aspirations, as she plans to study environmental law after high school. Dila is an active member of various school organizations, including the Key Club, Green Team, and serves as the Events Coordinator of Beta Club. Her dedication to making a positive impact led her to join Sustainability Ambassadors in the fall of 2023, where she actively engages in initiatives aimed at creating a more sustainable future. She is a part-time Running Start student, managing classes at both Lake Washington High School and Bellevue College. Dila also volunteers to support her Turkish culture in Washington, participating in events like the International Children’s Friendship Festival (ICFF) and Turkfest, organized by the Turkish-American Community Association of Washington (TACAWA). In every aspect of her life, Dila exemplifies a commitment to sustainability, community service, and personal growth.

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