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Ava Lo


Class of


Representing the City of


Sustainability Ambassador since

Summer 2021

Ava Lo is currently a 7th grader at Tyee Middle School in the Bellevue School District. After attending a Community Impact Mapping lab, she was inspired with the projects and skills that ambassadors had! She is excited to work with Sustainability Ambassadors because she loves to help the planet, and thinks SA is a wonderful way to contribute and learn more. Her dream job is a biologist or environmental scientist. At school, Ava participates in the yearbook club, future problem solvers competition, and an environmental club she co-formed, one way she is working to support sustainability. She is also incorporating environmentally friendly practices into her lifestyle, and is actively letting others know about what they can do to help. In her free time, Ava plays violin and flute (she is part of a baroque chamber orchestra), swims, jogs, or creates watercolor paintings (her art has been showcased in the Bellevue School District art show 3 times).

Her carbon footprint is currently 45 tons of Co2/year, which is 24% better than average. Ava still hopes to reduce this by walking or biking whenever possible, and not purchasing unnecessary items. Ava's water footprint is 1,678 gallons per day. To lower this, she is working on taking shorter showers and collecting rainwater for other uses.

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