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Green Infrastructure Economy in Puget Sound

SUMMARY: Billions of dollars are going to be spent to protect Puget Sound from its single largest threat: polluted runoff. Green infrastructure strategies are at the forefront of innovative runoff strategies because they work, they are cost effective, and they are swiss-army knife multi-tools of environmental and social benefits. Our region is leading the way and cities around the world look here first for cutting edge expertise, meaning billions more in potential economic opportunity. Help “connect the dots” to build the world’s top green infrastructure innovation economy right here in the Pacific Northwest.

BIO: Aaron Clark – Director of Strategic Partnerships

Aaron Clark is an environmental scientist with experience conducting, communicating and applying scientific research for the support of healthy, functioning ecosystems. As the Director of Strategic Partnerships, he focuses on building an interdisciplinary network between communities, policy-makers, businesses, architects, engineers and planners. He received a B.A. in biology from Reed College and a Ph.D. in biology from the University of Washington; he worked as an environmental consultant and landscape designer before joining Stewardship Partners. Aaron is driven by a belief in the positive impact that humans can and do have on the environment through restoration and stewardship. Aaron serves as the Steering Committee Chair for the Green Infrastructure Partnership (GrIP) and leads the annual Puget Sound Green Infrastructure Summit.


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