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Climate Justice is Fundamental

SUMMARY:   Climate change is a real phenomenon, happening now. Increased intensity of severe weather incidents have been affecting millions across the world. Human interference is one of the major causes of climate change, with the rich nations contributing to more than 70% of carbon footprints even with a lesser population, creating the global north and global south. This talk looks at the concept of climate justice from an international and local perspective, by answering the questions - who are the global south, what are their vulnerabilities and why do these vulnerabilities exist. It also discusses a local initiative to understand climate preparedness in local vulnerable populations and finally explores some opportunities for the youth to get involved in the climate movement. 

BIO:  Debolina Banerjee is the Climate Justice Policy Analyst at Puget Sound SAGE where she focuses on research-based analysis of climate policies, campaign support on climate justice issues, and building power within Sage’s local and statewide climate coalitions. She has worked previously on transit-oriented development, the environmental impacts of unorganized industries and project management for real estate development. In addition, Debolina has extensive experience working with grassroots activists and marginalized communities in India organizing for social justice around food, sustainable agriculture, clean environment, community development and women’s empowerment. Before joining Puget Sound Sage, Debolina was with InterIm CDA researching the impact of the receding affordable housing stock and increasing risk of displacement faced by the immigrant and refugee communities of Seattle’s International District. She holds a Master's degree in Applied Environmental Studies in Planning from the University of Waterloo and a Master’s Degree in City Planning from the Indian Institute of Technology.

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