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Solar Power 101, 102, 103...

SUMMARY:  Solar 101: How Solar PV works. Solar 102: The environment in which Solar PV operates. Solar 103: The Future of Solar PV Technology

BIO:  Anders Alexander - A&R-Solar.  Anders is a passionate solar advocate, he loves to talk about solar and how it is a pillar of our clean energy future. He graduated from Huxley at WWU with a degree in Environmental Policy and Economics. Anders is currently designing and selling solar PV systems with A&R Solar, which is a Social Purpose Corporation. And, he lives on 6 acres with his wife and daughter developing a homestead with solar PV, aquaponics, rainwater catchment, and much more to come soon.


Blog post on impressive solar economics now reaching mainstream. Includes graphs and a video of a Keynote by Michael Liebreich, at the Bloomberg New Energy Finance Summit in New York City last 2017.

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