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Wastewater Treatment Engineering – Brightwater Virtual Tour

Kristin Covey, Brightwater Water Quality Education Specialist

SUMMARY:  Describes the step-by-step journey of wastewater as it moves through Brightwater, a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment facility in Woodinville, Washington. Many people have no idea what happens to the water they use at home after it goes down a drain or gets flushed away.   This process and its complexities are revealed by showcasing Brightwater to demonstrate how we can create resources from wastewater by using a combination of basic and advanced science, technology and engineering.

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BIO:  Kristin Covey is a water quality specialist with the King County Wastewater Treatment Division.  Her role is to provide education and outreach programs for the community on topics ranging from science of wastewater treatment to best practices in water conservation.  The past four years, she has served as the manager of an environmental education center at Brightwater, the new wastewater treatment facility in Woodinville.  She leads tours of the treatment plant for high school, college, community, and professional groups. Prior to joining King County, Kristin has been a public school teacher and a program manager at an ecological restoration nonprofit.  Given the opportunity, Kristin will gladly talk about the complexities of managing sewage for hours at a time.


Brightwater Treatment Plant – contains further information on the facility, including many links to other resources:

Brightwater Process Diagram:

Map of King County’s Service Area for treating wastewater:

Recycled Water:  The Right Water for the Right Use – information on King County’s recycled water program:

Loop For Your Soil:  King County’s biosolids program  – detailed information on the soil amendment made from the treatment process:

South Treatment Plant – King County’s treatment facility in Renton:

West Point Treatment Plant – King County’s treatment facility in Seattle:

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