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Poop Loop Biosolids and Sustainable Agriculture

SUMMARY: The key to building good soil is reusing our own poop. King County’s wastewater treatment plants break down and transforms the poop and the food that we flush every day into an endlessly renewable resource to build our soil. King County calls these biosolids Loop®. By using Loop to grow crops and healthy forests, we return carbon and nutrients to our land, which helps us fight climate change and farm sustainably.

BIO: Ashley Mihle is an environmental scientist and communications manager with King County’s Loop® biosolids program, where she works to increase awareness and support of Loop biosolids. She is co-chair of the Northwest Biosolids Outreach and Education Committee, which advances environmental sustainability through the beneficial use of biosolids. Ashley has a Master of Science and a Master of Public Administration from the University of Washington, with a focus on water resources. She has over a decade of experience in communications, market research, environmental compliance, watershed planning and biosolids.

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