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Scott Wolf | Miller Hull Partnership

SUMMARY: H2Obligation calls on all of us to rise to the challenge of being responsible stewards of one of the earth's most valuable natural resources, water.  This fascinating, meditative piece, including a 3 minute sequence of beautiful images and alarming facts will inspire in-depth classroom inquiry. Like sustainability's triple bottom line, H2Obligation suggests that we can think about our actions in a three part, interrelated framework: 1) work/school, 2) community and 3) personal. This video will inspire viewers to think systemically, design for solutions, and take collective action to address this century's most pressing and challenging issue.

BIO: Scott Wolf, FAIA, is a Partner at The Miller Hull Partnership, recipient of the 2003 AIA National Firm Award and is widely recognized as a leader in environmentally responsible design.  His projects demonstrate the transformative role that water, wastewater and stormwater systems play in the creation of a sustainable future for our built environment.  Scott is truly passionate about water and through his work, he has demonstrated how caring about the planet?s water resources can effectively and persuasively demonstrate the transformative role that these systems play in the creation of a sustainable future for our built environment.

LINKS for Learning:

The Bullitt Center, the greenest commercial office building in the world, is set up to capture, purify and return all the water the building needs on site. It has many awesome sustainable features for water conservation including a rainwater harvesting system, greywater treament system, composting toilets and more.

Making the Switch: This powerful report descrices how the Puget Sound Region can transition towards integrated water managment. The report identifies the outdated thinking that has culmiinated in our water crisis. Then it envisions a sustainable water system for the region using inspiring case studies and a powerful action list.

Toward Net Zero Water: This exciting Green Building Council report is the jackpot for all-things net zero water. It describes best mangement practices for rainwater harvesting, greywater recycling and wastewater systems as well as how these systems can work together to create decentralized water systems.

Circle of Blue provides relevant, reliable, and actionable on-the-ground information about the world's water resource crisis. Find the latest news and research on water systems around the world.

The Pacific Institute is a global water think tank that provides science-based thought leadership with active outreach to influence local, national, and international efforts in developing sustainable water policies.

Water 1st International is dedicated to bringing clean and sustainable water systems to theworld's poorest communities. Check out their story to learn about their five guiding principles and how you can get involved.

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