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Net Zero Water - Bullitt Center Case Study

As our current water systems face more and more challenges, we need to learn better ways to manage our water use. Nature is by far the best engineer for us to model. And the Bullitt Center, the greenest commercial office building in the world, is the other. This video describes the Bullitt Center’s net zero water system which is designed to mimic the functions of nature. The building harvests all its water from the rain and once the water is utilized it’s cleaned and returned back to the natural system. A fascinating story of high tech meets old nature. 

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BIO: Cassandra is a student at The Evergreen State College and the Student Leadership Coordinator for the Sustainability Ambassadors which she first joined when she was in 9th grade.  Cassandra is a passionate student of systems leading us towards improved sustainable community conditions through positive peer pressure, public speaking and personal learning. She coordinates younger Ambassadors on projects ranging from low impact development to green building, bike advocacy, food systems and zeros waste. She helps lead the Annual 2050 Workout and has presented at a number of conferences including Built Green and the biannual Salish Sea Conference.  Cassandra loves hiking, dancing, juggling and gardening.

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