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Deconstruction - Recycling Old Buildings

SUMMARY:  Every day, demolition, and remodeling jobsites all across the County are sending valuable materials to be buried in landfills. Harvesting these materials in a cost effective way is key to moving the building industry toward a zero waste future.  This presentation will focus on two primary opportunities for unlocking the value in construction and demolition materials: 1) the systematic disassembly of buildings and 2) designing new building to allow easy recovery of building materials at the end of their life. 

BIO: Kinley Deller provides construction related waste reduction and recycling assistance to project managers, contractors, architects, and developers for the King County GreenTools  program (within the King County Solid Waste Division). Building on over 16 years’ experience in the waste reduction field, Kinley is an expert in deconstruction techniques and practices and has been instrumental in promoting the concept of design for disassembly to maximize the potential for future building reuse.  

Links for Learning More: 

1.King County GreenTools. The ultimate resource for in anyone in King County looking to find out more about green building.

2.Design for Disassembly Guide. This King County web page is focused on the guiding principles of designing for disassembly and includes a link to a downloadable version of the detailed guide, “Design for Disassembly in the Built Environment”.

3.King County YouthSource Deconstruction Training Program. Video describing an awesome program that was sunset a couple of years ago due to funding problems but which could be revived if there was enough interest.

4.Northwest Building Salvage Network. NBSN is a collaborative effort of Puget Sound businesses and organizations committed to promoting the salvage and reuse of building materials.

5.Deconstruction and Salvage in Seattle.  All of the necessary information needed for permitting a deconstruction project in the City of Seattle.

6.King County Zero Waste. This is an easy to navigate website with lots of basic information and resources for “what you can do” from the King County Solid Waste Division, the same division that supports the King County Green Schools Program.

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