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Harini Baskar || What is Snow Water Equivalent?

Harini Baskar | Sustainability Ambassadors

SUMMARY: There are multiple SNOTEL stations along the shoulders of the Cascade Mountains. Water managers use snow water equivalence to measure the amount of water in a snowpack. Learn how to calculate the snow water equivalent and the importance of it.

BIO: She wants to inspire the current and future generations with a sustainability perspective. Currently, she is working on Green Sports Alliance in King County Schools. Her career interests are to be involved in Global Health.

It's Harini's third year in the Sustainability Ambassadors program. She is a rising sophomore at Redmond High School. Harini joined because she wants to help make a difference in the community and also learn from the other youth leaders. She thinks sustainability is important because there will be environmental protection, social development, and economic development. Also, we cannot maintain our quality of life as human beings, the diversity of life on Earth, or Earth’s ecosystems unless we embrace it.

Harini would like to improve her project management, and public speaking skills. Harini's main goal is that she wants to create new connections and improve her collaboration skills.  She went to the PAC-12 Sustainability conference and learned about the Green Sports Alliance in the colleges throughout the Pacific Northwest. She was inspired to do something like that project in her school. She created the Green Sports Alliance in the King County Schools Level. She is collaborating with other project managers, and green teams throughout the different districts to create a great impact.

Outside of Sustainability Ambassadors, Harini is involved in Robotics, Model United Nations, and volunteering to serve her community. She has also been learning Indian Classical Carnatic music for the past 10 years.

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