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UNIT: Green Building Context for Electric/Magnetic forces, Energy, Waves and Signals

LESSON: What Are the Features of an Energy Efficient Home?

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Part of the lesson series “Green Building Context for Electric/Magnetic forces, Energy, Waves and Signals”. Designed for middle school physical science, students draw a model of a home with as many energy efficient features as they know.

Lesson Specs

Suitable for Grades

6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade

Satisfies Academic Standards: 

MS-PS2-3 - Electric & Magnetic Forces
OSPI ESE 2: The Natural & Built Environment
OSPI ESE 3: Sustainability & Civic Responsibility

Sustainable System Focus:

Buildings and Urban Planning

Academic Subjects


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Jeffrey Burgard

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June 22, 2020, 6:54:48 PM

Content Connection

This activity an introductory lesson is to reveal student thinking before learning about energy efficient homes

Community Relevance

Energy consumption is a major consideration for all homes, businesses and cities because of the costs as well as the environmental impacts of generating it. Energy efficient buildings reduce the demand and therefore the costs and impacts.

Lesson Plan

  1. Materials
  2. Teacher
  3. None
  4. Student
  5. Energy Efficient Home sheet


  1. Time needed: 1/2 period
  • Provide students the copy of the Energy Efficient Home sheet
  • Tell them to draw as many features an energy efficient home would have as they can think of.
  • Have student come to the front and present their ideas on the document camera
  • Have a class discussion about features that come up and ask what they are really curious about. (Informal KWL) You can also do a formal KWL or similar.