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Educating for Sustainability


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UNIT: Wastewater Context for Matter and Its Interactions

LESSON: Call to Action - Wastewater Pledge

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Part of a series of lessons in a unit called Wastewater Context for Matter and its interactions. Designed for middle school physical science, this final lesson in the series has students take a pledge to change their behaviors in regards to wastewater, as well as teach others what they have learned and have other pledge as well.
LESSON: Call to Action - Wastewater Pledge

Lesson Specs

Suitable for Grades

6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade

Satisfies Academic Standards: 

OSPI ESE 3: Sustainability & Civic Responsibility

Sustainable System Focus:


Academic Subjects


Submitted by:

Jeffrey Burgard

Last Updated:

November 23, 2020 at 10:14:56 PM

Content Connection

This is the community impact project for applying what was learned in this unit.

Community Relevance

This final action to quantify the impact student learning has on the community

Lesson Plan

Time needed: 10 minutes in class - 1 week outside of class

  1. Tell the students that it is now time to commit ourselves to make changes and sharing what we know with others.

  2. Put the following questions into a google form or other survey platform. Also, pint some hard copies out for those who do not want to bother with the link

  3. Have students take the pledge in your classes

  4. Tell them to share what they have learned and the pledge, or link to the pledge, with as many people outside of schoolmates that they know.

  5. The goal is to have as many people take the pledge as possible

  6. This can also be done in where the pledge is in the form of actions taken and it can be seen on a map.


A Call to action Survey (build in any online survey system)

  1. Name

  2. Relation to person that told you about these wastewater issues

  3. Friend

  4. Immediate family

  5. Extended family

  6. Neighbor or community member


When flushing the toilet, I promise to flush only poop, pee, puke and toilet paper.

I agree

Not at this time


I pledge to never flush "flushable" wipes, cotton, Q-tips or any feminine product

I agree

Not at this time


I promise to avoid putting animal fats and grease down the drain.

I agree

Not at this time


I promise to never use personal cleaning products with "cleansing beads"

I agree

Not at this time


I promise to check labels for the harmful ingredients we learned about in class.

I agree

Not at this time



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