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Educating for Sustainability


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Describe whether this is a standalone activity or one in a series of lessons that is part of a larger unit called (name of unit). State the driving question, problem, or phenomena and provide an elegant, one paragraph description of what students will learn, how they will learn it, and what they will be able to do. (100 words or less)

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Gapless Explanation

This section is optional. Craft a beautiful, comprehensive but concise description of what a student should be able to explain or do as a result of this lesson, project or unit. This is also great background information for the teacher. 

Content Connection

Describe the key knowledge or skills that students will explore, practice, or apply.

Community Relevance

Describe community needs, conditions, or goals directly related to the content or outcome of this lesson. Annotate links to policies, plans, or performance measures that are publicly available from one or more stakeholder groups, especially your city, county, or a mission-driven nonprofit.


Describe a range of specific stakeholders who are already engaged with this issue, as well as stakeholders who perhaps need to be engaged.

Lesson Plan

Use the following format. Avoid the use of bullets or outlines as the formatting may not hold its form when published online. Use instead ALL CAPS to begin a separate section or activity as below.  




RESOURCES: List recommended materials, plus annotated links to presentations, videos, readings.




STEP 1: Write a thorough description of the activity. Include embedded links to resources and examples as needed.

STEP 2: 

STEP 3: 

STEP 4: Add as many individual STEPS as needed to help other teachers follow your instructional logic


STEP 5: As appropriate, include an activity on how students will identify or research stakeholders.


STEP 6: As appropriate, include an activity on how students will develop an Impact Project. 


STEP 7: As appropriate, include an activity on how students will report results to stakeholders. 


ASSESSMENT: How will you measure success?

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