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Microsoft, Sammamish City Council Member

Pam Stuart

 Microsoft, Sammamish City Council Member

Passion, Expertise and Contribution

Support the development of a K4C Advocacy Syllabus ensuring that all Ambassadors know how to align Student Impact Projects with city commitments. Provide coaching on how and when to approach City Council for maximum effectiveness. Explore opportunities for Ambassadors to report directly to the K4C Steering Committee and full coalition.

Develop a Legislative Ambassadors Team to understand the annual rhythm of the state legislative session and the most effective way to engage with Legislators at the State and Federal Level. Expose students to NGO-driven lobby days and summer internships.

Participate in one or more PBL Curriculum Design Labs to support both teachers and students in applied problem solving.

Explore collective impact opportunities between the Microsoft Sustainability Team and Ambassadors.

Design ways to integrate SA Impact Storytelling into personal and professional communications channels and platforms.

Help build an Advisory Board of thought leaders and organizational development excerpts to guide the evolutions of Sustainability Ambassadors as a learning organization. 

Support Ambassadors in building positive scenarios for the year 2050 through the Summer Series of 2050 WORKOUTS.

Attend the annual 2050 Update (August) and help promote it as widely as possible.

About Pam

Pam grew up with a love of math and science and worked her way through college, graduating from the University of Maryland with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. She got involved in her community through work-sponsored activities, opening her eyes to the inequities that existed right in her own community. Realizing that her struggles, while real, were small relative to the kids she helped, who were hungry and scared to go home each afternoon, or struggled to learn to read a language they did not understand. Wanting to help others in lasting ways, Pam helped to start a new chapter of the JayCees, an organization dedicated to helping their community and giving young people a chance to gain much needed leadership experience.

After moving across the country, Pam then gave back through activities like the PTA and serving on boards like Eastlake Little League where she was the Chief Umpire, an unusual role for a team Mom. Pam’s commitment to her community grew in 2017 when she ran for office and now serves on the Sammamish City Council. On the council, Pam works with groups like King County Cities Climate Collaboration (K4C) on reducing greenhouse gas emissions in King County, the Water Resource Inventory Area 8 (WRIA 8) on watershed and salmon habitat recovery and conservation, and the Growth Management Planning Council, King County where countywide planning policies are developed and approved covering the environment, transportation, affordable housing, and social and environmental equity, in addition to creating policy and the budget for Sammamish.

Solving large, complex issues like solving climate change and creating a truly equitable world, will require individuals making real change in how we live, technology, corporate responsibility, and public policy. Pam is looking forward to tackling these challenges alongside the passionate and dedicated youth of Sustainability Ambassadors.

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