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Engineering Strategies - Duwamish Superfund Cleanup (ENGLISH)

SUMMARY: How do you clean up one of America’s most hazardous waste sites? We must think like engineers. Explore the engineering strategies for the Duwamish Superfund Clean Up with future mechanical engineer Cesar. See the meandering flow of the old Duwamish River and giant tidal flats overlayed on the now straightened Duwamish and man made Harbor Island. Hold on to your seat as Cesar takes you through a fast paced overview of the strategies needed to restore this river from an industrial waste land to a healthy habitat.

BIO: Cesar Lopez is a soon to be freshman at the University of Washington—Seattle. He is a 2018 graduate from Highline High School in Burien. Cesar wants to become a mechanical Engineer. He is interested in learning about sustainability because he wants to combine this knowledge with his knowledge of engineering in order to create sustainable solutions as a professional. He has learned a lot about sustainable systems and he is especially interested in transportation and the circular economy. He wants to learn more about these two systems because he loves the technology behind them. As a freshman at the University of Washington, he wants to get involved with clubs and organizations that work with STEM and Sustainability. Cesar also loves martial arts and math.

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