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Economic Impact of Acidfication on Shellfish Industry

BIO: Since receiving his degree in shellfish biology from the University of Washington in 1981 Bill Dewey has worked as a shellfish farmer in Washington State.  He is Director of Public Affairs for Taylor Shellfish Farms, the largest producer of farmed shellfish in the United States and owns and operates his own Manila clam farm in Samish Bay. 

He serves on the Board of Directors of the National Aquaculture Association and the Pacific Shellfish Institute.  He served on Washington State’s Ocean Acidification Blue Ribbon Panel in 2011 and currently serves on the Washington Marine Resources Advisory Council (MRAC).  MRAC advises Governor Inslee and the Washington Legislature on the state’s response to ocean acidification.


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Washington State’s ocean acidification website:


UW Ocean Acidification Center website:


NOAA Ocean Acidification Program website:


International Alliance to Combat Ocean Acidification:

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