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Tacoma 50 Year Habitat Conservation Plan

SUMMARY: In 2001, Tacoma Water developed its Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) to assure a continued supply of water for its citizens and partner cities while also maintaining water quality and protecting and restoring fish and wildlife habitat within its municipal watershed in the Upper Green River watershed. Tyler will discuss some of the larger commitments Tacoma has been implementing since 2001.

BIO: Tyler Patterson is a Fisheries Biologist for Tacoma Public Utilities, leading the implementation of fisheries-related activities outlined in the HCP and other plans and agreements. Prior to joining TPU, he was a Fisheries Biologist with the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest in North Bend, WA. Tyler holds a bachelor?s in fisheries science from the University of Washington and a bachelor?s in business administration from Western Washington University.

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