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Bottled Water is Dumb Math

SUMMARY:  Fiona Douglas-Hamilton with SEEC LLC discusses the increasing appetite for bottled water globally and in the US and evaluates this trend from an economic, environmental and ethical perspective.  

BIO: Fiona Douglas-Hamilton is a green building professional, a licensed real estate instructor and principal of SEEC LLC, a real estate consulting, valuation and education firm located near Olympia, WA whose mission is to bring transparency for high performance homes to the market.  Since 2007, she has led the efforts in the Pacific Northwest to develop the framework to recognize and value green buildings and speaks regularly at the national level on this topic.  


The Story of Bottled Water by Annie Leonard

Bottling water without scrutiny in California

National Drinking Water Database

Hormone disrupting chemicals found in bottled water and 

The dark truth behind Fiji Water

Bottled Water – Pure Water or Pure Hype 1999 4-yr report by the Natural Resources Defense Council

“Tapped” a feature length documentary video on the story of large corporations buying up local water rights to sell bottled water at huge profits:

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