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Welcome Reader!


If you have found your way to this blog, you want to rapidly advance a sustainable future. So do we. We’re the Sustainability Ambassadors Writer’s Group (SAWG), and that’s our mission! We believe powerful, youth-driven writing creates a huge impact. Our chilling spoken words, impact-centered blogging, future fiction, and informational webinar scripts empower our readers to act on issues they care about.


The SAWG is a project team of Sustainability Ambassadors, a non-profit youth organization dedicated to rapidly advancing a sustainable future. We founded the SAWG in the summer of 2020 to offer a concrete avenue for Ambassadors interested in honing and utilizing their writing skills to advance SA’s mission. Since our inception, we have maintained a rhythm of analyzing a variety of writing styles to polish our storytelling skills. We’ve also presented two Spoken Words reaching over 1000 people at Sustainability Ambassadors’ 2050 Update: COVID Generation, which you can find here.

Sustainability is a broad term. It covers topics like equity, environmental justice, education, and sustainable systems such as transportation, water supply, and clean energy. It can seem daunting at first, but we are here to help you discover what sustainability means to you. In the coming months, we will post weekly about different sustainability issues, what we’re doing to solve them, and what you can do. On this blog, everyone can find a specific issue they want to address in their community. But you won’t just read about these topics.


This blog’s mission is to drive and model impact through our writing. All Sustainability Ambassadors have Personal Impact Projects, which we use to showcase our understanding of how we as youth can change our communities. You can find some examples here. All of us have a unique Impact Project story to tell. That’s why we blog about our Impact Projects, from the conception of an idea, to follow-through, to the results and extrapolation of impact.


Take the journey with us on the SA Blog through our personal and collective impact, and rapidly create a sustainable future by 2050. Our blog is about impact, and here, you’ll be inspired to make yours. 




Meet the Writers

Anshika Rath

Anshika Rath is an eighth grader at Pine Lake Middle School and has been a Sustainability Ambassador since the summer of 2020. When she first heard about SAWG, Anshika was instantly inspired to join the group, as she has always been passionate about writing. She believes that words can be appropriately utilized to advocate for what one deems true, and SAWG is one of those building blocks that can instill change in the world. When she isn’t engrossed in books at home, you’ll probably find her painting or dancing. Anshika is thrilled to be a part of Sustainability Ambassadors Writer’s Group, and eager to experience the impact her team makes!

Arushi Agarwal

Arushi Agarwal is an 8th grader at Pine Lake Middle School and has been a Sustainability Ambassador since the summer of 2020. She has loved writing from a young age and was excited to join the Writer’s Group later that fall to further enhance her writing and contribute to the team. Arushi sees writing as a timeless platform to express one’s thoughts and creativity in a way that can change people - and SAWG provides her with this opportunity. Apart from this, Arushi enjoys hanging out with friends, reading, doing art, and playing outside. She looks forward to creating a difference in her community and can’t wait to watch SAWG unfold.

Chris McCarty

Chris McCarty is in the class of 2022, a National Honor Society officer, and a member of the SAWG and the Webinar Production Team in Sustainability Ambassadors. Chris has wanted to make the world a better place ever since they heard the fateful words "climate change"— and took it upon themself to do the research around the ethics of old practices and the promise of new ones. Chris uses their writing to advocate for themselves and others, and plans on becoming a lawyer to speak for those who can not speak for themselves.When they need a break, Chris practices drawing— both digital and traditional— as well as Italian. Chris urges everyone to take care of others when they can, and take care of themselves when they need to... even if that just means watching your favorite movie for the 40th time!

Nicholas Wegener

Nicholas Wegener is a freshman at Eastlake High School and has enjoyed writing and leading with the SAWG since the summer of 2020. At the SAWG’s first performance, the COVID Generation 2050 Update, Nick learned about performing spoken word and collaborating with other writers. Outside of the SAWG and Sustainability Ambassadors, they like to read, write, and play guitar. They look forward to seeing what the SAWG accomplishes next!

Olivia Qi

Olivia Qi is a freshman at Eastside Preparatory school. She joined Sustainability Ambassadors and its writer’s program in the summer of 2020 to help make the world a little bit greener. When they’re not working on writing for the SAWG Blog or a new Impact Project, Olivia likes to paint, read, play piano, and pretend they can sing. They’re excited for you to read the blog and be inspired to take action!

Prachi Chetlur

Prachi Chetlur is a seventh grader at Issaquah Middle School in the Issaquah School District, and has been a Sustainability Ambassador since the fall of 2019. She has been a SAWG member since the summer of 2020.
After writing a few poems for a writing contest, Prachi realized that writing is what she loves to do, and she is excited to combine that love with sustainability.
She enjoys working with the rest of the members of the SAWG, and is now a co-team manager of the Great Student Writing Program team.
Outside of the SAWG, Prachi enjoys reading fantasy and mythology, writing fantasy and mythology, singing, baking, and listening to BTS.
She is looking forward to seeing how the SAWG grows and expands over this year, and hopes that the SAWG has a huge impact on the community.

Santoshi Pisupati

Santoshi Pisupati is in the Class of 2023 at the International Community School in Kirkland, WA. She has been an avid writer and dreamer of sustainability by 2050 since she was 6 years old, having given presentations and writing novels on the subject since she can remember. As a co-founder of SAWG, she is proud to be a part of its programs, and welcomes you to an impact-minded community of youth right here in King County. Outside of SAWG, she is involved with Sustainability Ambassadors as an Kirkland City Team leader, Webinar Production Team and Ecosia Initiative Project Manager. Santoshi participates in MUN, FBLA, Green Team and Key Club, all while attempting to enjoy Seattle’s rainy weather and decrease her ecological footprint. She hopes to model impact through her impact project, Ecosia: My Green Search Engine, which you can find on SA’s Impact Project Training page right here.

Shrimayee Narasimhan

Shrimayee Narasimhan, a student in Eastlake High School’s Class of 2023, has been a SAWG member since the Summer of 2020. She has been fascinated by the thrills of writing from a young age, and enjoys writing short stories and experimenting with spoken word. Shrimayee is a team manager for the SAWG Blog and strongly believes that writing has the power to reshape perspectives and inspire action. Outside of the SAWG, Shrimayee is a team leader for Sustainability Ambassadors’ Redmond Team and is an Ecosia Initiative Project Manager. She enjoys playing the violin, participating in Model UN, DECA, and Girls Who Code, and is committed to perfecting her French accent. Shrimayee hopes you will learn something new when exploring this blog and be empowered to rapidly advance a sustainable future in your own community.

Kaylee Meyers

Kaylee Meyers is in the class of 2023 at Edmonds Woodway Highschool and joined Sustainability Ambassadors in the summer of 2020. Even from a young age, Kaylee had always been moved by powerful writing. Hoping to cultivate similar qualities found in many SA leaders, Kaylee joined SAWG in the winter of 2020 with the intention of driving more impact. Outside of SA, Kaylee participates in Tennis and Swim team, Choir, Piano, Next Generation Nations, Students Saving Salmon, and is Treasurer of the Class of 2023. Kaylee hopes exploring the SAWG blog empowers you and is excited for the future has in store.

Katelyn Kawamura

Katelyn Kawamura is a 7th grader at Leota Middle School and Sustainability Ambassadors since fall of 2020. She wanted to join SAWG because of her passion for writing and sharing her experiences. When she’s not working on her next blog entry or new Impact Project, you may find her hanging out with friends, reading, or in the great outdoors. Katelyn hopes reading these blog posts will help inspire you to take action too!

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