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Washington State Color Maps of Climate Data

Office of the Washington State Climatologist

Maps of recent temperature, precipitation, soil moisture, snow water equivalent, and potential evapotranspiration anomalies, seasonal forecasts, long term climate projections, and much more....

Water Supply Climate Change Water Cycle Glaciers Snowpack Weather Data maps Precipitation

Why do combined sewer overflows happen?

King County

Graphics and text explain the history of King County's wastewater system related to combined sewer overflows (CSOs) and why CSOs pose a problem today.

wastewater King County history combined sewer overflow CSOs CSO water pollution sewer backups stormwater relief points Puget Sound pipes seattle

West Point Treatment Process

King County

Infographic and text explain how wastewater is treated at West Point Treatment Plant in KCWTD.

wastewater treatment plant King County West Point recycled water infographic West Point Treatment Plant

King County Wastewater Treatment Division Energy History

King County

Timeline shows King County WTD's energy history including when they began producing and selling biogas.

King County WTD KCWTD biogas King County cogeneration wastewater South Plant Brightwater West Point

Service Area of King County Wastewater Treatment Division

King County

Maps display wastewater pipes, treatment plants, and overall service area of KCWTD.

wastewater treatment plant Brightwater South West Point King County KCWTD map service area

What is Loop?


Webpage explains how Loop Biosolids are made starting from wastewater from King County residents'. A video on the webpage sums up the information into a 1.5 minutes.

Loop biosolids wastewater wastewater treatment digester water King County

Lessons from nature: How we create resources from wastewater


In this video, Dr. Darrell Rodgers of Seattle and King County Public Health explains how engineering technology mimics natural processes in wastewater treatment plants to produce Loop biosolides, biogas, and recycled water.

Loop biosolids wastewater wastewater treatment digester water King County biogas recycled water video public health engineering technology natural processes resources nature

Brightwater Treatment Process

King County

Infographic and text explain how wastewater is treated at Brightwater Treatment Plant in KCWTD.

wastewater treatment plant King County Brightwater recycled water infographic Brightwater Treatment Plant

Barton Roadsie Rain Gardens

King County

These videos explains the benefits of rain gardens and how King County's Barton CSO Control project constructed 91 roadside rain gardens on 15 blocks in West Seattle.

rain garden rain stormwater sewer Barton West Seattle groundwater King County KCWTD wastewater

Re-Green The Green

WRIA 9 Watershed Ecosystem Forum

44 page report from 2016 details the riparian revegetation strategy for the Green/Duwamish and Central Puget Sound Watershed (WRIA 9). The report highlights the need for streamside forest cover to protect salmon and meet directives of the Endangered Species Act, the Clean Water ACt, and Native American fishing rights.

watershed riparian Green/Duwamish River Central Puget Sound Watershed chinook salmon salmon trees Endangered Species Act Clean Water Act WRIA 9 Native Rights

King County Recycled Water Maps

King County

Maps display the location of recycled water treatment plants in King County and where customers can retrieve recycled water.

King County KCWTD recycled water recycled water treatment plant Brightwater Brightwater Treatment Plant Carnation map recycled water pipe

Sustainability in King County's Waste Water Treatment Divison

King County

This infographic details King County WTD's 2019 efforts relating to sustainability including their Loop Biosolids program. The resource provides data relating to their energy savings, recycled water distributed, and more.

wastewater sewage Loop Biosolids Loop Recycled Water green stormwater infrastructure stream and river bank restoration community engagement energy Puget Sound green energy

Georgetown Wet Weather Treatment Station - making construction sustainable

King County

This video explains how KCWTD is building their Georgetown Wet Weather Treatment Station sustainably and in accordance to environmental regulations.

Georgetown KCWTD rain water construction sustainable King County sustainable construction scorecard concrete soil contaminated soil demolition remediation video


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