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Community Advocate, Climate Action at the City Level

Jan Keller

Community Advocate, Climate Action at the City Level

Passion, Expertise and Contribution

Support the development of a K4C Advocacy Syllabus ensuring that all Ambassadors know how to align Student Impact Projects with city commitments. Provide coaching on how and when to approach City Council for maximum effectiveness. Collaborate with Pam Stuart on facilitating two joint sessions a year with SA and K4C, one with the Steering Committee, and another with the full group including all city reps.

Coach the Bellevue Sustainability Ambassadors Team on Impact Projects related to the City of Bellevue’s Environmental Stewardship Plan.

Collaborate on the annual Bellevue Town Hall @ School lesson plans, event, and follow up actions.

Participate in one or more PBL Curriculum Design Labs to support both teachers and students in applied problem solving.

Support Green Job profiles and diversity workforce development strategies.

Design ways to integrate SA Impact Storytelling into personal and professional communications channels and platforms.

Support Ambassadors in building positive scenarios for the year 2050 through the Summer Series of 2050 WORKOUTS.

Attend the annual 2050 Update (August) and help promote it as widely as possible.

About Jan

Jan Keller has been helping local grassroots groups organize in support of climate action for over eight years. She has focused on finding ways for local residents to communicate with their city, county, and state governments, advocating for positive steps to reduce carbon emissions. She works to guide youth and adults in conveying key messages to officials so that they know without a doubt that residents care deeply about the climate. Given that a number of U.S. states, plus key cities around the world, are developing effective climate action plans and policies, it's time to replicate and emulate those policies here.

Jan is passionate about helping youth develop their understanding of how personal action can translate into collective action (policy), and how young people can communicate effectively to move policy in the right direction.

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