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Vehd Reddy


Class of


Representing the City of


Sustainability Ambassador since

Spring 2022

I am 14 year-old Seattle resident and student at Eastside Preparatory School. For as long as I can remember, I have had a keen interest in environmental issues, specifically how science, technology, climate policy, restoration, and a change in consumption habits can reduce and mitigate human-caused environmental problems. I am currently working on a robot to remove plastic debris from our oceans.  I started out with testing air pollution caused by a variety of indoor activities using a PM 2.5 sensor. The following year, I tested the efficacy of different plants in absorbing carbon dioxide. In 2020, I noticed that global air pollution levels plummeted, and the drop was visibly and analytically apparent. So, I conducted data analysis on the drop in air pollution across 5 major cities, and correlated this drop to the slow down of activities that were leading causes of pollution. Finally, I recommended changes in behavior based on the correlated activites, and tested the efficacy of implementing the recommendations through a human trial.  I joined Sustainability Ambassadors because after a long time of working on my own I felt the need to work with other youth to address the climate problems that our world is facing. The importance of systemic and political change also became apparent to me and I saw the work that Sustainability Ambassadors is doing in that space.  During my free time I play ultimate frisbee, golf, bike, draw, and take photographs. I also bike to school.

Water Footprint: 823 Gallons/Day 

Carbon Footprint: 33 tons CO2/year

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