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Sophia Sun


Class of


Representing the City of


Sustainability Ambassador since

Fall 2021

Sophia Sun (she/her) has wondered about the world growing up. She ponders the impacts pollution has on the environment, and with this comes an interest for sustainability. This leads Sophia to Sustainability Ambassadors where she improves and grows in skills such as public speaking, graphic design, data collection, and research. During her time at Sustainability Ambassadors, Sophia has become involved with multiple internal groups of Sustainability Ambassadors some of which being the Communications department, the Sammamish team, and the Solar team. Most recently, Sophia has become deeply involved in the Math team where she co-leads the team, creating sustainability oriented academic curriculum for teachers across Washington. Sophia currently attends Skyline High School where she has focused on studying the sciences, and participating in various music programs. In her free time Sophia enjoys playing both flute and piano. Sophia also enjoys reading and exploring subjects such as chemistry and engineering at a deeper level. Sophia hopes to have a career in the STEM field.

Sophia Sun has completed the My Dishwasher Full Loads micro-impact project, and is currently working on a collection of sustainability oriented academic curriculum to provide to Washington teachers.

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