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Andrew Kim


Class of


Representing the City of


Sustainability Ambassador since

Spring 2023

Andrew is currently a sophomore at Issaquah High School with developing interests in biomedical engineering and environmental engineering.  Andrew has always been interested in learning about innovative ways to solve our tough problems such as clean energy, cancer, and climate change.  Some of his past research interests include finding solutions to the major water crises in the country of Niger and in-depth exploration into the field of biological printing to mediate organ-shortage issues.  Andrew joined Sustainability Ambassador program because it aligns well with his current interests and thought it will be a valuable opportunity for him to gain more knowledge about Sustainability, become a better leader, and serve his community in a more impactful way.  In his free time, Andrew enjoys competing at fencing tournaments, mentoring kids in sports activities through his volunteer work, writing poetry, and playing the piano. Andrew is excited to work with other ambassadors in his community and hopes to see some of his ideas have a larger scale impact on the future.

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