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Janaki Venkatesh


Class of


Representing the City of


Sustainability Ambassador since

Fall 2020

Janaki knows that she is going to live in a world very different from the world her parents and elders grew up in. She realizes that the challenges of the future will be fundamentally different from the challenges of the past. One of these challenges being the deterioration of the environment. Because it became a defining aspect of who she was, she decided to invest her time in understanding and involving herself to create a more sustainable future. She was ecstatic when she had found the Sustainability Ambassadors program not only because it also since it both tailored to her interests, but also gave her the opportunity to practice and learn new skills. In the future, she would like to work with her school’s PTSA in planning events related to sustainability and would like to advance to be a team leader in a project that she is very passionate about. Janaki’s personal carbon footprint is 27 metric tons and her water footprint is 1,490 gallons/day. To reduce this, she plans to get a compost bin for food scraps, take shorter showers and convince her parents to get energy-efficient water appliances. Outside of Sustainability Ambassadors, Janaki is also a member of the Water1st Youth Board and serves as a Red Cross Youth Volunteer. She paints to donate money to charities such as the Sankara Healthcare Foundation. At school, Janaki is involved with MUN, Robotics Club and Honors Choir. She also discovered an avid interest in medicine by competing in multiple Science Olympiad competitions. In her free time, she plays badminton, sings, reads, and watches the Office.

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