Anuj Krovvidi


Class of


Representing the City of


Sustainability Ambassador since

Summer 2020

Anuj Krovvidi (Class of 2025) is an 8th grader in Inglewood Middle School representing the city of Sammamish. He has founded his own rocketry club as well as participated in two business competitions. He has played lacrosse for 6 years and played the guitar for 5 years. He joined SA because he wanted to find a way to connect engineering and sustainability while also increasing his skill in public speaking and outreach. He also wants to push his cities sustainable development goals to match those of the UNs. His personal Carbon Footprint is 55 tons of CO2 consumed every year and he is working to bring that down by installing renewable utilities in his home. His water footprint is 1391 Gallons per day which is 23% better than the average. In his free time, Anuj likes to play lacrosse and hang out with friends.