Youth Leadership Development 

We empower youth to catalyze community sustainability. 

We do this through year-round training in what we call "Sustainable Systems College," a professional training program for exceptionally self-motivated middle school and high school students who really want to make a difference. Ambassadors typically stay with the program all the way through high school to maximize their training in preparation for college and career.

Our work is real. The learning we do is applied to identifying and solving complex issues. We train ourselves in systems thinking and in developing the patience and persistence to drive positive change. 

Student Ambassadors develop their professional skills through a year round syllabus based on... 


Policy Analysis

The value system shared by a community codified by elected officials in local laws.

Performance Assessment

Working with real-world data and evaluation frameworks used by school districts, businesses and local governments to track performance against policy goals.

Project Management

Designing our own impact projects that help improve shared community performance and policy goals. 

Public Speaking

Reporting data-driven positive results on a regular basis to community stakeholders.  

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