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Adoption Strategies - Solar Power For All

SUMMARY:  The impact of climate change is scary, but renewable energy provides hope. We have the technology to decarbonize electricity, now we need to do it. Solarize Northwest is a community-based group purchase and education program to drive adoption of solar on a neighborhood scale.

BIO:  Jill Eikenhorst  As a project coordinator with Northwest SEED, Jill manages and delivers community education programs on renewable energy and provides technical assistance to businesses and communities interested in renewable energy. She holds a B.A. in English from University of Puget Sound, and she holds certifications in sustainable energy, grantwriting, and strategic communications. Her previous experience includes coordinating community education programs on sustainability topics such as Passive House construction and a brief stint as an energy auditor. While she doesn’t have a roof suitable for solar, Jill owns a share in her local community solar project.

LINKS for Learning More: 

The Solarize Northwest website has resources and information about past campaigns: 

Northwest SEED’s Solarize Guidebook shares how-tos and lessons learned for groups interested in Solarize (PDF):  

Solar Energy Industries Association releases quarterly reports about the solar market:

The Global Carbon Budget report has charts and data about global carbon emissions:

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