Teacher Fellows Program

The Teacher Fellows Program empowers a team of master teachers at the secondary level (grades 6-12) to lead a district-wide, problem-based instructional design process integrating water supply, wastewater, and stormwater management systems with science, engineering, civics, economics, geography, math, and language arts.

Currently, Fellows are selected from the Lake Washington, Bellevue, Issaquah, and Tukwila School Districts. The Program is funded by Cascade Water Alliance and facilitated by Sustainability Ambassadors.

Program Goals

  1. Manage water resources for sustainable communities.
  2. Integrate classroom rigor with community relevance embedded in Common Core and Next Gen Science Standards in grades 6-12.
  3. Empower a new generation of student ambassadors to improve water resource stewardship at home, at school and in the community.

Expectations for Teacher Fellows

  1. Develop real world context for current curriculum
  2. Explore Problem-Based Learning opportunities and pedagogy
  3. Engage students in measuring community impact and reporting to stakeholders
  4. Support district-wide peer coaching over time to share the most successful models

New Systems in Development

We are developing new Fellows Programs on Green Building and Zero Waste to expand opportunities for science, engineering, and related social studies inquiries to drive problem-based learning through a range of sustainable systems entry points.

In time, the diversity of our Fellows focus areas will come together in an Institute on Educating for Sustainability in alignment with the National Action Plan

Community Curriculum Case Studies

Each Teacher Fellow is responsible for publishing a Case Study on how they used local advances in water resource management and sustainable community development to excite classroom learning and meet educational standards while at the same time improving community conditions.

"Stormwater Solutions"

Grade 6 NGSS / Engineering - Lake Washington School District

"World Water Challenge"

Grade 7 Social Studies - World Cultures, plus Geography and Economy of Washington State 

Bellevue School District

Water Cycle and Human Impact

Grade 7 NGSS / Earth and Space Science - Issaquah School District  

"Wastewater Engineering and the Properties of Matter" 

Grade 8 NGSS / Physical Science - Issaquah School District 

"Water Systems Solutions"

Grade 8 NGSS / Engineering / International Studies - Lake Washington School District 

Analyzing Water Conservation Through Math Modeling

Algebra 1 - Lake Washington School District 

Water Systems Civics” 

Grade 11-12 Civics - Tukwila School District