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GOAL: “Decrease stormwater pollution…Increase curriculum relevance.”

Sustainability Ambassadors supports cities in meeting their NPDES Permit obligations for public education and outreach by taking an inter-generational collective impact approach. We work with highly motivated youth, leading educators, local government, and the funding community to engage City and School District partners in a multi-year capacity building process. 

The key to this approach is the integration of city goals for citizen engagement with school district goals for relevant learning experiences.

School Districts focus on increasing the rigor and relevance of 21st century learning. This means critical and creative thinking, collaboration, and communication. It means applied learning, primary source, real-world content, systems thinking and community-problem solving.

City Governments need to meet the new NPDES Permit requirements for Education and Outreach by designing programs and performance measures to reach targeted audiences (including school age children), educate them about the stormwater problem and provide specific actions they can follow to be part of the solution.

Three Objectives for “Decreasing stormwater pollution and increasing curriculum relevance.”

Sustainability Ambassadors secures grants, cost-share partnerships and business sponsors to pursue three objectives:

Benchmark improvements in knowledge and behavior at the household, school and community level.

Build community capacity around a common agenda, shared measurement systems and mutually reinforcing activities

Integrate school and community learning to measurably improve community conditions.

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