Seattle School District Ambassadors

Isabel Yueh

Sebastian Hernandez

Garfield High School - Class of 2021

Chief Sealth High School - Class of 2021

Isabel Yueh

Garfield High School - Class of 2021

Represents City of Seattle

Joined Summer 2016

As a passionate and energetic high school student, Isabel became interested in sustainability while attending the 2050 Workout and was inspired by the different leaders and presentations. Isabel enjoys learning about sustainability because she believes that a significant contributor to climate change is the lack of education regarding sustainability and believes that the more people are taught about it, the better. While in the program, Isabel would like to reach out to her school and community and create a long standing work plan to implement in her community. Her next steps are to join the Green team at her school and reduce her carbon and water footprint. Isabel is also a student member of ZooCorps, a non-profit run by the Woodland Park Zoo, that is dedicated to saving animals and protecting their habitat. She understands that both programs are naturally connected by their similar missions, and hopes to bring the organizations together to form a mutual partnership. When not working on sustainability and the future of the world, you will find her playing in the park with friends and family, hiking and enjoying nature, as well as fangirling over certain books with her closest friends. At school, Isabel enjoys choir, learning Spanish, and pranking her friends.