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Color for Climate Action

Program Description 

Color for Climate Action is a visual art gallery where anyone interested can express their creativity in the context of climate action and sustainability. It's a great opportunity to raise awareness about the environment in a way that is fun and engaging for viewers. Participating artists get the chance to have their artwork featured on the SA website!

Submission Guidelines


  • Various mediums of visual artwork are accepted such as sketches, drawings, paintings, photography, or 3D art.

  • Participants write a description or artist’s statement about their work (3-4 sentences) and how it connects to an aspect of climate change

    • They may briefly explain the artistic process (how art was created). For example, they can show interest in being sustainable by mentioning eco-friendly materials used while creating the art

  • Detailed descriptions of the criteria for acceptance are included in the rubric

​See the full rubric

Sample Art

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We feature and share art with the creator's consent. Unlimited submissions per person.

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